Home Buying Advantage

Many home buyers mistakenly assume that the best way to learn about a home for sale is to contact the listing agent. Not only is this untrue, but it can actually be detrimental to your interests!

Here’s why. Unless otherwise specified, real estate agents are working for the seller. The seller’s objective is to get the highest possible sales price, with the minimal amount of contingencies involved. The agents representing the seller are going to negotiate with the seller’s interest in mind – not yours!

Seller’s agents have no obligation to tell you if the property is overpriced for its type and location. They disclose the minimum information as required by law.

Meanwhile, any information they gather about you, such as your income, employment, mortgage qualifications, and personal motivation, can be shared with the seller! This gives the seller’s side an enormous advantage when negotiating the sale.

You can protect yourself by choosing to work with me as your Buyer’s Agent! Your right to this representation is protected by Massachusetts law. In fact, having me as your Buyer’s Agent will not cost you a cent. Here’s what I do for you:

I put your interests at the forefront of everything I do. As your Buyer Agent, I have a fiduciary duty to you that includes disclosure, loyalty, confidentiality, obedience to your lawful instructions, and accountability.

I will conduct your home search using the criteria you provide.

I provide price comparisons for the homes that interest you, so you’ll know if the asking prices are fair.

I advise you on contingencies that can protect you, such as home inspections and financing.

I negotiate the best possible price for you.

I safeguard any funds you provide to me, such as money in escrow, and I provide you an accounting of it.

I will share my network of industry professionals with you at your request. This includes real estate attorneys, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, interior designers, and so on.

Note: I cannot provide legal advice. If I have reason to believe a legal question is involved, I will disclose the issue so that you may explore it with proper legal counsel.

Above and beyond the points above, I truly care about my clients and I want the best for them. I believe in serving my clients with professional integrity, honesty, dedication, and a commitment to excellent service. I will be happy to help you find your new home – contact me today!