Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman KWR

Dear Mr. Keller: 

I am writing today to convey the outstanding service experience I have had with a member of your staff, Ms. Patti Fine.

I have had the pleasure of working with Patti over the past couple of months – and she has so impressed me, that I can’t help but find myself telling almost everyone I know about how amazing my experience with Keller Williams has been. It is clear that Patti views her relationship with clients as something much more than a real estate transaction; that she is motivated by a genuine desire to ensure that every seller/owner is comfortable through the process and happy with the outcome. Nothing else could explain just how far above and beyond she has gone.

In my continued exuberance, let me share with you (as I have with dozens of others) just a few examples of her outstanding dedication to client service.

In my case, I was relocating from San Francisco to Boston. I hadn’t yet accepted my offer of employment, but wanted to get a feel for properties and neighborhoods in Boston. With limited notice, and no commitment from me nor my company that I was even definitively moving to Boston, Patti invested in preparing an afternoon of viewings that fit exactly with the preferences I had discussed and efficiently utilized the limited time window that I had open. It turned out we saw 14 properties in one afternoon (a logistical feat in an of itself) and that very weekend – I both accepted my job offer and put an offer down/purchased my new home. All of this was handled with remarkable efficiency and professionalism over the phone. At this stage – I hadn’t yet even been in touch with my relocation consultant – yet Patti jumped in, put me in touch with mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and all other details/services I needed to feel comfortable about my big decision. She answered any/all questions I had – and willingly went back to the house on my behalf several times to check on some details I needed. She provided personal support as well as sound professional advice as we moved quickly from viewing and intial offer through closing.

Given how quickly everything happened, I came back out to Boston a couple of weeks later to do an inspection and at that time, I brought a family member.

Even though I’d already effectively purchased my place, I wanted to see other properties- and again – Patti spent the better part of 2-3 days with us – touring properties, while simultaneously taking care of all the inspection and closing logistics.

Between inspection and closing, once again – I was out of town in CA or on vacation – yet I wanted to have a few things at the house looked after before moving to Boston/into my new home. Again Patti volunteered to help look after all these details – from identifying an interior decorator from her broad network, to come over and do a consultation and help me select paint colors to finding contractors to spec out a custom cabinetry job, to going to the hardware store to purchase miscellaneous items in time for the GC to install them in my new home prior to closing Patti was always there to count on. Her own extensive network, and the generosity with which she shared of her own connections and time was remarkable.

Furthermore what impressed me what how vested she became in helping me truly settle into Boston – not just selling me a home, but helping with little things such as providing the address to the RMV or acquainting me with local restaurants and services in my new neighborhood.

I could go on and on, but I will stop and say – you have a gem of an agent in Patti – and I will continue to talk about how wonderful my experience has been as long as anyone is willing to listen.

Yours sincerely,

Amee Chande
SVP Strategy, Staples Inc.

(Response from Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty)

Dear Amee,

Thank you so much for taking your time to write this beautiful note of appreciation about Patti Fine.

As Vice Chairman, I am blessed by many letters from our real estate clients with words of praise to our agents. However, I am especially touched by your letter and story about Patti. Your passion for the loving care she provided is clear.

It fills my heart with joy to learn of the professionalism and integrity demonstrated in your Keller Williams experience. What a surprise and blessing it must have been to find such a whole-hearted investment in your welfare from your real estate professional.

I am truly thrilled that Patti blessed your life, as she is blessing to this company. We are honored to be in business with her!

May your new life in Boston be filled with happiness and prosperity.


Vice Chairman of the Board
Mo Anderson
Keller Williams Realty Int.

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